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781 Omicron Cases, 238 Cases In Delhi, 44% Jump In Daily Covid Cases

India Omicron Cases: Delhi has the highest Omicron count with 238 cases, followed by Maharashtra with 167 cases

The total count of the highly transmissible Covid variation Omicron has arrived at 781 in India. The variation of worry that was first distinguished in South Africa in November has now spread to 21 states in the country.
Delhi has the highest Omicron count with 238 cases, followed by Maharashtra with 167 cases.

India detailed 9,195 new COVID-19 cases from the last 24 hours, 44% higher than the previous 6,358 cases. The government has been continuously speeding up the vaccination drive across the country.

More than 143 crore vaccine dosages have been administered in India, making a significant milestone in the fight against the COVID-19.

The recovery rate is as of now at 98.40 percent, most elevated since March 2020.

Around 7,347 people have recovered last 24 hours. The total number of people who have recovered is 3,42,51,292.

Active cases account for under 1% of absolute cases, presently at 0.22 currently at 0.22 percent, lowest since March 2020.

The active caseload remains at 77,002. The weekly positivity rate of 0.68 percent is under 1% throughout the previous 45 days.

Every day positivity rate of 0.79 percent is under 2% throughout the previous 86 days.

The risk posed by the Omicron variant is still “very high”, the World Health Organisation said today, after COVID-19 case numbers shot up by 11 per cent globally last week. Omicron is behind rapid virus spikes in several countries, including those where it has already overtaken the previously dominant Delta variant, the WHO said in its weekly epidemiological update.