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A Prominent Step Towards The Future Of Healthcare

The Healthcare system has always been an integral part of our lives to maintain and restore health by administering various treatments.

The Healthcare system has always been an integral part of our lives to maintain and restore health by administering various treatments and prevention of diseases by trained professionals. All of us in our lifetime have visited various healthcare systems for our family members or us. Most of us will agree that visiting the hospital is never a pleasant experience.

There is always some sort of fear and then the hassles of performing various tests and collecting the blood reports, going for a follow-up check-up, maintaining the medical record, keeping the prescriptions, etc.

All of these activities make us tired and drive us crazy, pressuring us mentally. On top of that, standing in a queue to collect reports or make an appointment with the doctor drain out all the energy we have. If you are a person who roams a lot and needs to see doctors, then you must share the medical history with the different doctors properly so that you can get the right attention and it would be easy for the doctor to suggest you the right treatment. If you have struggled till now, then it is just the right time to know and understand that Abha card kya hota hai.

What is an ABHA Health card?

Most of us might not have even heard about the ABHA card earlier. The introduction of the Abha card is a huge initiative that the government of India has taken to digitise the healthcare system. The abbreviation ABHA stands for Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. The prime aim of this mission is to issue the required backbone for the integrated digital health infrastructure.

It also helps to amplify support for Universal Health Coverage(UHC) in a very safe and efficient way. This drive bids services like easy access to medical records, storing data, and digital consultation.

This health card was previously addressed as Digital Health Card. It is also known as the NDHM card (National Digital Health Mission). Here, a 14-digit unique ABHA Address or Health ID is generated randomly. This card is such a blessing that it relieves you from standing in a queue to maintain and share health records without any hassles. You can also consult with a verified healthcare professional and experienced service providers through this channel.

How Does This Card Function?

This card functions as follows:

  • It provides health-related services and pieces of information regarding doctors through a mobile app. So, you just need to install the mobile app, and availing of the services is just a tap away from your phone.
  • It gives a digital platform to store all the data related to your health and pieces of information regarding the treatments undergone, the medical reports, prescriptions, etc. can be accessed digitally. No more waiting in queue and carrying and maintaining the paper records with you everywhere you go. No more fear of losing the reports as well.
  • It gives you access to share your medical history and the reports with the doctors with your permission. It makes your life easy, and no worrying about collecting all the paper records and filing them up in order.

How To apply for an ABHA Card?

After knowing all that the Abha card has to offer, who would not like to get registered? After all, this is only going to make your lives easier and better. There are three different ways you can choose to get registered:

  • Get it done through the website
  • Through the mobile app for NHDM health records
  • You can also visit the healthcare facilities such as community health centres, hospitals, and wellness and health centres.

To register for the Abha card online, all it requires is either an Aadhaar card, driving license or mobile number. To do that, all you need is just open the official website and select ‘Generate ID’. When you do that, you will get a couple of instructions to follow, such as entering the Aadhaar number, filling in the details of the driving license, or entering the phone number.

Decide whichever methods you want to use and follow the step-by-step procedure as guided. After you are done filling in the right pieces of information, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) in the registered phone number.

Once the registration is done, you can log in using the necessary credentials. Download and save your Health ID for further use in the future.