After Report Claims It Ignores BJP Leaders Hate Speech: Reacts by Facebook

Facebook has reacted to the current when the uproar over hate speech and content on Facebook. A Facebook interpreter same that we proscribe all sorts of hate posts and that we implement

Facebook has reacted to the current when the uproar over hate speech and content on Facebook. A Facebook interpreter same that we proscribe all sorts of hate posts and that we implement our policies globally while not consulting any party. The interpreter same that they’re unceasingly operating to make sure fairness and accuracy.

In truth, it had been claimed in a very media report that on Facebook, there’s a softening of the hateful posts of BJP leaders. The report same that Facebook policy director in Asian nation, Aankhi Das, had opposed the applicable rule of Facebook policy on a post by BJP leader T Raja Singh. Please tell that T Raja could be a BJP MLA from Telangana.

The report same that Facebook doesn’t wish to mess with the ruling party because it fears its business are affected. This claim was created in a very report by the yank newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’. The report claimed that Facebook doesn’t act on the content of hate speech by BJP leaders.

BJP and Congress face to faceAfter this report came out, the Congress suspect the BJP of spreading faux news in connivance with Facebook. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted concerning this report and same that RSS and BJP are in possession of Facebook and WhatsApp in Asian nation.

He conjointly same that BJP also uses these social media platforms to influence elections. Referring to the Cambridge Analytica case, Shankar Prasad same, “You were caught guilty in associate alliance with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook to alter knowledge before the election.”