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Amazon Echo Show Gets Support For Netflix

The new update comes shortly after Amazon rolled out support for Zoom on the Echo Show.

Amazon recently launched new Echo smart speakers, and also announced new features going to its Echo devices. It has now turned out help for Netflix on the Echo Show smart display.

Amazon Echo Show users can now watch Netflix on the smart display. To use Netflix on the Echo Show, users can simply say “Alexa, open Netflix” and log into their profile. Alexa can also be used to search for Netflix movies and shows on the Echo Show. Alexa commands such as “Alexa, show me comedy movies on Netflix”/ “Alexa, मुझे Netflix पे comedy movies दिखाओ”, or “Alexa, find action movies on Netflix,”/ “Alexa, action फिल्में दिखाओ Netflix पर,” can be used on the Echo Show.

Amazon has also rolled out a new video homepage to offer customised recommendations to users. This homepage plans to help peoples find what to watch next with more information on the series or movie available initially. Amazon sells the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 smart displays in India, and these are valued at ₹6,499 and ₹9,499, respectively.

Amazon has been rolling out new features for its Echo lineup. Recently, it rolled out support for Zoom on the Echo Show which was another announcement Amazon made at its hardware event in September. Recently, Amazon Also added Support for Apple and Spotify podcasts on Echo smart speakers. Amazon also updated its Alexa privacy settings for Alexa making it simpler for users to erase their conversations, and also customize the settings as per their requirement.