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Americans refuse to leave India

The American visitors suddenly tend to drop their intentions to get back to their country

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Source: The Financial Express

In the wake of COVID-19, most of the affected nations have gone for complete lockdowns. Many people are stuck in different places, away from their homes and families, looking for any possible way to get back to their own. Likewise, the Americans stuck in India had signed for airlifts back to the United States a few weeks ago.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States, Ian Brownlee, had reported previously about airlifting 4,000 Americans back to their nation while 6,000 citizens were waiting to get back in the next round. He said that weeks ago they had a list of folks about whom they were pretty sure to show up at the airport when called to march back home. However, to their utter surprise, they had to make several calls to every individual only to get refused.
The American visitors suddenly tend to drop their intentions to get back to their country. Their response seems justified as America is turning into a graveyard with the most COVID-19 cases in the world together with highest casualties. India is a safer option for them as for now.
America has now reached an estimate of over 1.19 million COVID-19 reported cases out of which 153,000 cases are recovered. The casualties now count to approximately 68,500.

Nonetheless, the efforts are nearly wasted which according to Brownlee was put in constructing the heavy logistics to gather the scattered Americans from around the country to the parting points, that is, Mumbai and Delhi.