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Apple AirPods Max Headphones Miss Out On Power Button, Here’s How It Saves Battery

Apple has cleared the air by explaining how the headphones work and save battery life even when they can't be switched off.

If you have ordered the Apple’s headphones, AirPods Max, you must be expecting a lot of features in this premium device. However, as it turns out, the over-ear wireless headphone doesn’t have the power button. That means these headphones can’t be switched off like other headphones. So, Apple has cleared that the air by explaining how the headphones work and save battery life even when they can’t be switched off. 

As per the updated product page of AirPods Max, the wireless headphones comes with a smart case. Putting them in the case allows them to enter the “low power” mode immediately. This mode cuts off basic features. Same happens when you leave the headphone idle for 5 minutes outside the case. 

However, after 72 stationary hours outside the smart case, the AirPods Max go in something called as “low power” mode. This mode turns off Bluetooth and Find My functionality to save more battery. Similarly, when you leave the headphone in smart case for 18 hours, it goes in the same “lower power” mode. But it doesn’t switch off.

Also that users will receive a notification on their iPhone and iPad when the AirPods Pro Max reach 20%, 10% and 5% battery life. While wearing the headphones, the user will hear a tone at 10% battery and the second one just before the AirPods Max headphones turn off. 

Although you don’t get a power button in these headphones, what you do get is a single button to enable or disable the active noise cancellation and transparency modes. To control the volume, you get a rotating crown, something that we have seen in Apple Watch before.