BBC Says Output Back To Normal As Tax ‘Survey’ Ends After 60 Hours

We stand by our colleagues and journalists who will continue to report without fear or favour," BBC said in a statement.

New Delhi: The income tax officials left the offices of the BBC in New Delhi and Mumbai on Thursday night following a three-day review which included going through documents and cloning information from a few computerized gadgets. Affirming the news on Twitter, the UK public telecaster said that they will keep on helping out the specialists.

Here is the full statement issued by BBC after the income tax ‘survey’ ended:

The income tax authorities have left our offices in Delhi and Mumbai. We will continue to cooperate with the authorities and hope matters are resolved as soon as possible.

We are supporting staff – some of whom have confronted extended addressing or been expected to remain for the time being – and their government assistance is our need. Our result has returned to ordinary and we stay focused on serving our crowds in India and then some.

The BBC is a trusted, free media association and we stand by our partners and writers who will keep on detailing without dread or favor.

The quests came a long time after a monstrous contention over BBC’s narrative on State leader Narendra Modi and the lethal partisan mobs in Gujarat in 2002.

The two-section series, “India: The Modi Question”, was brought down from public stages a month ago. The Middle utilized crisis powers under IT Rules to obstruct YouTube recordings and Twitter presents sharing connections on the narrative. The public authority hammered the narrative as “unfriendly promulgation and enemies of India trash”.

The resistance blamed the public authority for focusing on the BBC for circulating a narrative disparaging of PM Modi over the uproars that cleared Gujarat in 2002 when he was Boss Pastor.