Bengaluru Doctor Leaves Car, Runs 3 Km To Beat Traffic To Perform Crucial Surgery

Dr Govind Nandakumar was on his way to the hospital where he works for a crucial surgery but decided to ditch his car after getting stuck in traffic.

Bengaluru is scandalous for its traffic, where it takes intensely lengthy to cover brief distances. However, the narrative of a strange specialist choice to save the existence of his patient is ending up a helpful story.

Dr Govind Nandakumar, a gastroenterology specialist at Manipal Hospitals, was en route to play out a crisis laparoscopic gallbladder a medical procedure on August 30 when he stalled out in the rush hour gridlock predicament on the Sarjapur-Marathalli stretch.

Understanding that a deferral could place the female patient in danger, Dr Nandakumar passed on his vehicle and ran for three kilometers to carry out the pivotal procedure.

“I drive consistently from focal Bangalore to Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur, which is in the Southeast of Bangalore. I ventured out from home well in time for the medical procedure. My group was good to go and ready to carry out the procedure when I would arrive at the medical clinic. Taking a gander at the colossal traffic, I chose to leave the vehicle with the driver and ran towards the medical clinic without reconsidering,” he said.

Dr Nandakumar’s team, which was ready to induce anesthesia on the patient, got into the act as soon as he reached the operation theatre. Without any delay, the doctor changed into the surgical attire to perform the procedure.

The medical procedure was effective, and the patient was released on time.

Dr Nandkumar fills in as Consultant – Gastroenterology at Manipal Hospitals. The patient required the medical procedure as she had been experiencing a gallbladder disease for a significant stretch of time.

Weighty downpour in the beyond couple of weeks caused waterlogging and gridlocks in the IT city. Numerous recordings arose via virtual entertainment that showed vehicles abandoned on a long waterlogged stretch on Bengaluru-Mysuru parkway, and people on foot battling to walk.

In certain areas, abandoned residents were emptied with the assistance of boats.