Brazil Ex President’s Supporters Raid Congress, Supreme Court

Bolsonaro backers who refuse to accept leftist Lula's election victory broke through, marched up ramps and gathered on a roof of the building.

Brasilia: Many allies of Brazil’s extreme right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro got through police blockades and raged into Congress, the official royal residence and the High Court Sunday, in what President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva censured as a “fundamentalist” assault.
Bolsonaro answered the strikes by censuring the “plundering and intrusions” at the Public Congress, Official castle.

An ocean of nonconformists wearing the green and yellow of the banner overflowed into the seat of force in Brasilia, attacking the floor of Congress, destroying the High Court base camp and climbing the slope to the Planalto official castle.

The stunning pictures reviewed the January 6, 2021 intrusion of the US Legislative hall working by allies of then-president Donald Trump, a Bolsonaro partner.

Lula, who was in the southeastern city of Araraquara visiting a district hit by extreme floods, marked a declaration pronouncing a bureaucratic mediation in Brasilia, giving his administration exceptional powers to reestablish the rule of law in the capital.

“These extremist fan have accomplished something up until recently never found in this nation’s set of experiences,” said the veteran liberal, 77, who took office seven days prior subsequent to beating Bolsonaro in Brazil’s sharply disruptive October races.

“We will figure out who these miscreants are, and they will be carried down with the overwhelming power of the law,” he added.

Hardline Bolsonaro allies have been fighting external armed force bases in Brazil requiring a tactical mediation to prevent Lula from taking power since he barely crushed Bolsonaro in the October 30 overflow political decision.

Hordes of nonconformists scaled to the top of the notable Congress building Sunday to spread out a flag with an enticement for the military: “Mediation.”

Virtual entertainment film showed agitators breaking entryways and windows to enter the Congress building, then spilling inside as a group, destroying legislators’ workplaces and utilizing the slanted speaker’s dais on the floor of the council as a slide as they yelled affronts coordinated at the missing legislators.

One video showed a group outside pulling a police officer from his pony and beating him to the ground.

Police, who had laid out a security cordon around Brasilia’s Three Powers Square, home to the exemplary pioneer structures of the Public Congress, the Planalto and the High Court, terminated nerve gas in a bid to scatter the agitators – – at first without much of any result.

Subsequent to neglecting to repulse the intrusion, security powers utilized revolt police riding a horse and nerve gas bombs terminated from helicopters to attempt to scatter the dissenters. Be that as it may, the locations of turmoil went on into the afternoon, with immense groups actually accumulated at the three structures.

A columnists’ association said no less than five correspondents were gone after, including an AFP picture taker who was beaten by dissidents and had his gear taken.

‘False political race’

Nonconformist Sarah Lima told AFP they were requesting a survey of the “fake political race.”

Lula barely won the spillover by a score of 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent. Bolsonaro, who left for the US province of Florida on the second-to-last day of his term, has claimed he is the casualty of a scheme against him by Brazil’s courts and constituent specialists.

“We really want to restore request after this false political decision,” said Lima, a 27-year-old creation engineer wearing the yellow shirt of the Brazilian public football crew – – an image Bolsonaro sponsor have guaranteed as their own – – and fighting with her young twin girls.

“I’m hanging around for history, for my little girls,” she said.

Recently introduced Equity and Public Security Clergyman Flavio Dino referred to the intrusion as “a crazy endeavor to force (the dissidents’) will forcibly.”

It won’t win,” he composed on Twitter.

“The (Brasilia) bureaucratic locale government is sending fortifications and the powers on the ground are acting as of now.”

Senate president Rodrigo Pacheco tweeted he “energetically dismisses this enemy of popularity based fight, which should be rebuffed with the entirety of the law.”

There was quick worldwide judgment of the nonconformists.

The US said it “censures any work” to sabotage a majority rules system in Brazil, while Public safety Counselor Jake Sullivan said President Joe Biden was “following the circumstance intently.”

European Committee President Charles Michel tweeted his “outright judgment,” French President Emmanuel Macron called for regard of Brazil’s foundations and sent Lula “France’s unflinching help,” as a heap of Latin American pioneers participated.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric considered the mobs a “weak and disgusting assault on vote based system,” Colombia’s Gustavo Petro tweeted that “Despotism has chosen to strike a blow,” and Mexican Unfamiliar Clergyman Marcelo Ebrard voiced the nation’s “full help” for Lula.