“Brought Disgrace To All Of Us”: Trinamool Spokesperson On Bengal Minister

The Trinamool mouthpiece has now stopped naming Partha Chatterjee as a minister or the party's general secretary.

New Delhi: As the money mountain found at the flats of a close aide of Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee becomes higher, a Trinamool Congress representative has said the senior chief has brought “disgrace and shame to us all”.
Party representative Kunal Ghosh’s comments came against the setting of tremendous recuperations by the Enforcement Directorate at the Kolkata homes of Arpita Mukherjee, a nearby helper of Mr Chatterjee. The priest, likewise the public general secretary of the Trinamool, has been captured for supposed anomalies in the enlistment of educators under the School Service Commission.

A total of ₹ 50 crore in real money has been found at the two flats of Ms Mukherjee, other than around 5 kg gold and a huge amount of foreign exchange.

“This improvement involves extraordinary concern. Such episodes have carried shame to the party and disgrace to us all. He (Partha Chatterjee) is saying why he would stop as pastor. For what reason would he say he is not saying in the public area that he is guiltless? What is preventing him from doing that?” said party representative Kunal Ghosh.

“He (Chatterjee) holds a few portfolios as a bureau serve. How he will shed the tag of being a persuasive individual is for him to reply,” Mr Ghosh said.

Mr Chatterjee is the pastor for business and industry, parliamentary undertakings, data innovation and gadgets, public ventures and modern reproduction. The ED has depicted him in the Calcutta High Court as an “compelling individual”.

Mr Ghosh’s most recent comments allude to an adjustment of Trinamool’s position on its clergyman.

Soon after Mr Chatterjee’s capture on Saturday, Mr Ghosh had let the media know that the party wouldn’t eliminate him as a bureau serve or the secretary general of the Trinamool until he was demonstrated liable.

The Trinamool mouthpiece, “Jago Bangla”, has now quit naming Mr Chatterjee as a pastor or the party’s overall secretary. In any case, his name stays in the printer’s line as supervisor of the mouthpiece.

The CBI, according to headings of the Calcutta High Court, is investigating the supposed abnormalities in the enlistment of educators in Bengal’s administration supported and helped schools. The Enforcement Directorate is following the cash trail in the trick.

Mr Chatterjee was the schooling priest when the supposed abnormalities occurred.