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Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Test Is Now Live, Android, iOS Players Can Play Content From Season 6,7

Unlike Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty: Mobile is available for Android and iOS users both. And users can now try out content from the new seasons.

Call Of Duty: Mobile beta is currently live for testing and players can get an early look at what’s coming next in Season 6. The most recent beta form, according to reports, is available for iOS and Android users both through a Test Flight program and an APK separately. This most recent turn of events and the declaration about the Call of Duty: Mobile beta test going live was shared on the authority Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit f/CallOfDutyMobile alongside some a few insights concerning the new substance that is on the form. Passing by that, there are some new guides, administrator abilities, UI changes, and improvements to the fight royale mode.

The Call of Duty: Mobile team shared an entire pack of details of the most recent beta form for both Android and iOS on Reddit. The new beta form gets some new highlights and changes that will move into Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 6 or potentially Season 7. Obligation at hand: Mobile is presently on Season 5 on the steady form of the game. Passing by the Reddit post, the Call of Duty: Mobile beta test assemble incorporates two new multiplayer maps called Slums and Stacks. There are also new operator skills, scorestreaks, grenade types, and perks coming in. The battle royale mode on Call of Duty: Mobile beta test build has also been optimized. This build brings in some UI changes and improvements as well. However, the build does not include the upcoming Zombies mode.

As invigorating as the entirety of this sounds, we should caution you. This is a beta form so it is most likely going to be a cart and you may see placeholder messages in certain spaces. Additionally, all of what you see/insight in the beta test construct may not make it to the steady form. It is also possible that it may avoid the following season and come in the season after that. For the time being, at any rate, the organization has not referenced when the last date of the beta test is.

Android users can download the 64-bit or the 32-bit version of the Call of Duty: Mobile beta test build and iOS users can download the game from this Test Flight link. Now, the slots for beta testers are limited on all the platforms so we suggest you hurry. Developers have said that all the data that is going to be collected over the beta tests are all going to eventually be deleted and that the content in the game is suited for all players above 16.