Cat Loves Drinking Coffee Made With Special Milk.

This video that was posted by the page Cats of Instagram, shows how a cat drinks some coffee that is made with special milk.

The videos show cats or dogs enjoying something quite unusual but always quite a fun watch. These are the videos that may very well make you laugh out loud or even just go ‘aww’ at the very sight of them. This video that has been posted on Instagram by the page Cats of Instagram is one such similarly delightful cat video. There is a chance that this video will bring a smile to your face.

The video opens to show a cute little cat sitting on top of a kitchen counter. Directly before it, one can see how a cup is kept, filled with some frothy coffee. The cat can be seen looking at the cup quite intently as it extends its paw and decides to get a taste. The cute kitty then puts its paw into the froth of the cup of cappuccino that is kept in front of it and licks it in the most adorable way possible.

The cat repeats this activity many times and this makes for point a fascinating watch for some feline sweethearts. “Cat-puccino time. Vinny, a British blue shorthair, loves frothy drinks made from special cat milk,” reads the caption that accompanies this adorable cat video.

This video was shared on Instagram a little more than a day ago. So far, it has gone massively viral and already garnered more than 59.3 lakh views and the numbers only keep shooting up. The video has also received various comments from people who couldn’t stop adoring this cute little Catto.