Corona positive numbers rising in Delhi

The rapid increase of positive cases has left Mumbai behind. Haryana affected due to vicinity with the Capital City

Maharashtra is known to be worst hit by the novel corona virus, Mumbai topping the chart. However, as the days are passing by, especially after the Unlock 1.0, corona positive cases in Delhi have boosted up like never before.

It is the first time in two months that Delhi recorded even more cases than Mumbai on Wednesday in a single day. Delhi reported a total of 1,513 positive cases on Wednesday while Mumbai recorded 1,276 cases.

The last week has been harsh for Delhi. It has recorded more than 1,000 cases everyday this week which is problematic and the numbers are increasing at the fastest rate. Total number of cases recorded are more than 23,645 confirmed cases out of which more than 9,500 cases have recovered.

Mumbai has been reporting about 1,200 cases everyday since the last three weeks while Delhi was stuck at 800. However, Delhi has turned the tables this week. Another reason for social distancing can be noticed to be the devastating cyclone Nisarga.

The growing cases has made the government order to keep people in quarantine if they have been traveling at all. Delhi has also sealed the borders with Haryana. Gurgaon, Sonipath, and Faridabad borders were closed too, because the Haryana government could not risk the lives of people because of those living in Haryana and working in Delhi.

Haryana is also growing fast in recording corona cases, probably because of the vicinity to New Delhi.

The total number of positive cases in India has risen up to 2.17 lakhs out of which about 1.05 lakh cases have recovered from the trauma.