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Covid-19: India Second Country After US to Record Over 1 Lakh Daily Cases

India's record Covid-19 spike of more than 1 lakh daily coronavirus cases has even breached the peak of 99,181 seen in a single day during the first wave of the pandemic last September.

India has become just the second country on the world, after the United States, to add in more than of 100,000 cases of the Covid infection (Covid-19) in a single day whenever during the pandemic. As per the Union ministry of health and family welfare on Monday, the country added 103,796 coronavirus disease cases recorded in the last 24 hours. The day’s spike in Covid-19 cases has now pushed India’s infection tally up to 12,589,067, as per the health ministry’s dashboard at 8am.

India’s record Covid-19 spike of more than 100,000 every day Covid-19 cases on Monday has even penetrated the pinnacle of 99,181 found in a solitary day during the principal wave of the pandemic last September. The US, then again, had first enrolled more than 100,000 day by day Covid-19 cases in the main seven day stretch of November a year ago. According to the Johns Hopkins University’s Covid tracker, the US is timing around 65,000 every day cases now, while India’s single-day case tally has shot up.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said it was in June a year ago that more than 100,000 every day Covid-19 cases were being reported for globally. Less than nine months later, India alone is clocking 103,796 cases daily, amid renewed fears over a new wave of the pandemic forcing Maharashtra to imposed a virtual shutdown and senior government officials hurrying to review the urgency of the situation. Having added 73,301 Covid-19 cases a day over the week till Saturday, India has far surpassed Brazil’s average tally of 66,176 and the US’ 65,624 to become the biggest current Covid-19 hotspot.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a meeting on Sunday morning, said states must take the necessary steps and impose the required restrictions to contain the Covid-19 outbreak in India, while Maharashtra imposed new restrictions, shutting all non-essential shops, restricting restaurants to takeaways, closing places of worship and asking all workplaces to work remotely from home as far as possible.