Cute Dog and Fish Are Now Friends. Watch To Know How They Boop Each Other

This video posted on Instagram shows how a Dalmatian dog and a fish boop each other as they become friends.

The video that shows animals holding each other is always quite interesting. These videos are ones that bring a smile to people’s faces and continue to do so even after a while since they have watched them. One such cute animal video has been shared on Instagram.

The video opens to show how a dog was taking a dip in some water against a delightful scene. The crystal clear, blue water makes it easy for people to notice that a fish had also been floating very close to this Dalmatian dog. Soon enough, the two boops each other. Both of the cute animals take this as a cue to run away from each other after some sudden contact.

The video was initially shared on the page committed to this adorable Dalmatian doggo named Spotty. Since being posted, the video has gone a wide range of viral and earned in excess of an incredible 7.6 million views on it. This adorable fur baby is based in Switzerland and this handle is used in order to document its day-to-day activities.

The video has been posted on Instagram around two days ago and from that point forward, has accumulated a few remarks from individuals who couldn’t quit going ‘aww’ at the guiltless fellowship between the two animals. It has also received more than 1.5 million views so far.