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Cyberpunk 2077 Collector’s Edition Has Actor Shruti Haasan Brimming With Excitement

Cyberpunk 2077 Collector’s Edition comes with a bunch of cool memorabilia and is priced at Rs. 24,999.

Shruti Haasan recently posted an Instagram Reel that shows her unboxing a Cyberpunk 2077 Collector’s Edi1tion sent to her by the game’s Polish developer CD Projekt. It’s a massive box with multiple sleeves and includes the game along with some really cool memorabilia. Haasan captioned the post, “It’s here! Straight from night city! Finally! It’s the time to unbox this beauty”. Cyberpunk 2077 Collector’s Edition for PS4 is priced in India at Rs. 24,999.

In the Instagram Reels, Shruti Haasan is seen removing the yellow storage container from the box by using a handle as if she were pulling it out of a server room. The box is huge. It looks even bigger and taller thanks to the jacket-like sleeve that CD Projekt decided to add to the actual box. After removing a couple of sleeves, Haasan finally unveils a smaller box inside that holds the game.

CD Projekt launched Cyberpunk 2077, a futuristic RPG featuring Keanu Reeves, in December 2020. It quickly went from being among the most anticipated to the most derided games of 2020 and received some scathing reviews for its bugs and glitches that especially plagued the console versions. Analysts had said that CD Projekt needed to present a credible plan to fix those problems to start regaining the trust of gamers and investors.

Not simply that, the game, charged as an “open-world, activity experience story set in … a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification”, was delayed at least three times before it finally made its debut. And within a week, Sony pulled it down from its PlayStation Store after complaints of glitches. Adam Kicinski, Joint-CEO of CD Projekt, recently said that the company had no plans to shelve the game and was committed to fixing glitches to make its flagship game a long-term success.

The game got a hotfix update after Patch 1.2 and it addressed to a portion of the issues made by the said fix just as additional improved the general security. Hotfix 1.21 is live on PC, supports, just as Stadia. Very much like different patches and hotfixes, CD Projekt Red shared an extensive rundown of fixes and enhancements that this hotfix brings. These incorporate fixes for the journey, open world, interactivity, UI, solidness, and execution issues, aside from some comfort explicit changes.

In terms of the quest and open-world fixes, issues with Cyberpsycho Sighting missions including Discount Doc and Bloody Ritual have been addressed. In-game character Takemura will not get stuck in Japantown Docks during the Down on the Street mission. Hollocalls with Mitch should not get stuck post Hotfix 1.21. Crashes during the Hippocratic Oath gig have been addressed. There are several fixes for the “Big in Japan” mission, along with a myriad of quest-related fixes that have been pushed to the game.

In terms of gameplay and other fixes, NCPD officers will no longer spawn behind the player if they commit a crime on a rooftop. NPC clipping issues have been addressed as well. Scanning UI is now less cluttered. Memory management improvements have also been made with Hotfix 1.21 for Cyberpunk 2077.

But despite the troubled roll-out due to the reported bugs, glitches, and several other issues in the game, the sale numbers are staggering, much in line with the amount of excitement the game generated before its launch. The game sold 13.7 million copies by the end of 2020, making it the largest game in the company’s history.