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Delhi Child Rights Came Up With A Brand New Cell

Strengthening school management committees: a framework for process and outcome

The School Management Committee (SMCC), which seeks to make schools safer for children and provides quality education to everyone, has been established by the Delhi Commission for the protection of Child Rights (SCPCR).

This is the first group to track the operation of the School Management Committees (SMC) in the national capital. The key goal of this entity is, according to the document, to improve the operation and cooperation of the SMC with the DCPCR. The SMCC shall check the progress and commitments made by the board at that school in every project with any development authority.

The SMCC maintains that no children are involved in research and that they are alerted to the DCPCR when pointed out by the commission. It would therefore insure that no child is missing without a report to the principal on more than 30 straight days. The members of the Committee shall be empowered to monitor the presence of children and ensure that no child is under 33 percent, and should reach them if so.

The Education Director appoints five members from the SMCs of each district, while the Director from the respective local body will appoint another three members and the Non-Profit Organisation, chosen by its President, will appoint two members. The cell must control the activity and presence of Special Training Centers (STCs) in these centres.

In accordance with the law, each school in the country must have at least 16 members, comprising the headmaster, teachers, parents, the local officer and social workers. The Commission and the SMCs should have exposure to this for children’s growth.

The key aim of the notice is to improve the working and collaboration of the SMC with the DCPCR