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Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain Has Been Detected With Fever, Tested Positive For Corona Virus

Delhi Minister for Health Satyendar Jain ‘s health improved on Thursday but still under oxygen support and tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. However, at the Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi still has oxygen supply.

On June 17th, his health worsened late in the evening, but on Thursday it changed. The infection was tested by Jain on June 17. On 16 June he was admitted to the hospital because of high quality fever and was subjected to a new test for coronavirus, which was negative.

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The 55-year-old minister receives oxygen aid as required as soon as he was taken to the hospital.

On Monday, a day after he was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Super Speciality (RGSSH) here, Jain screened positively for COVID-19 after experiencing high degree of fever and rapid oxygen decrease.

Sources in Delhi ‘s government said that contact tracking has started in the last few days of people who have interacted with him, and will be quarantined as advised by doctors.

The president of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Sisodia, and Union Health Ministère Harsh Vardhan, attended a senior meeting on the coronavirus situation in the national capital on Sunday.

Jain was taken in the early hours of the Tuesday to the RGSSH, a dedicated COVID-19 facility, and the morning he tested negative for a new coronavirus infection.

On Wednesday he was examined again, because his fever was not going down and indicated signs of infection under which he checked Covid-19 positively.

A senior pulmonologist looked at him and said that “we shall keep him under control” just in case of extra medical care later.