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Donald Trump Calls On India To Participate The G7 Summit

The United States postponed the Seven Summit that was scheduled for June in the White House

The outdated Seven Summit group, planned to be held in June by US President Donald Trump in the White House, was delayed on Saturday, seeking India and some other countries’ inclusion in the grouping of world economies.

He is “delaying to September” and plans to invite Russia, South Korea , Australia and India, Trump said to reporter on board the Air Force One from florida to Washington DC, and said.

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“I don’t feel that as a G7 it properly represents what’s going on in the world. It’s a very outdated group of countries,” he said.

The Chief of Strategic Communications Alyssa Alexandra Farah of the White House has said this puts together “our conventional partners,” who explore whether China’s potential will be handled.

On Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Mertkel’s office said that, unless the coronavirus propagation had changed, it would not attend the summit.

It includes seven nations, including France , Germany , Italy, Japan, the United States , the United Kingdom and Canada, with the world’s biggest and most developed economies. Every year the Heads of States consult on economic and monetary issues at international level.

This year the United States holds the G7 presidency. The G7 president usually invites the heads of states of one or two countries to participate as a special invitation during the Summit. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited to the G7 Summit by French President Emanuel Magron.

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The fact that India is being called to the next G7 Summit reflects the country’s increasing international stature.

Last week, Mr. Trump stated that, amid fears about the coronavirus pandemic, a conference will be conducted at the White House and likely in areas of US presidential country Camp David.

Later on German Chancellor Angela Merkel declined the offer from the president to take part in the epidemic summit in person.