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Earthquake hit Delhi-NCR

This is the fifth earthquake of the region in the last two months.

Earthquake was felt in Rohtak, Haryana twice in 60 minutes at 9:08 PM on Friday. They were felt all over Delhi-NCR region. Though no damage has been reported yet, the tremors were pretty intense in few of the areas. The epicentre of the quake for Rohtak.

Residents claim that the quake could be felt quite clearly and lasted for a long time.

The first Earthquake was of 4.6 magnitude which is considered quite moderate and not very serious. The second quake two originated from the same region but had a less intensity, that is, 1.9 as compared to the previous one. This occurred in the span of an hour.

Rohtak is around 60 km away from Delhi, so the tremors were clearly felt in the farthest corners of the capital city. Not only that, but the neighbours of New Delhi, Noida and even Ghaziabadh were felt the quake.

Reports say that this is the fifth time the earthquake took place in the last two months. People took the platform of social media to express their terror. Many of them are startled by how nature is giving shocks to destroy the human race. First corona virus, cyclone Amphan, locusts attack and now the earthquake. Every bit is making the lockdown worse.