Excerpt: Pak Army’s Role In The 26/11 Attack – What I Saw As High Commissioner

In June 2009, the Lahore High Court set Hafiz Saeed free from preventive detainment. However the Public authority of Pakistan tested this choice in the High Court.

In June 2009, the Lahore High Court set Hafiz Saeed free from preventive detainment. However the Public authority of Pakistan tested this choice in the High Court, it neglected to make out a compelling case, bringing about the zenith court maintaining the High Court judgment in May 2010, while likewise requesting the public authority to pay a little fine for the easy going way wherein it had taken care of the case. Such choices have been refered to more than once by Hafiz Saeed and the Pakistani specialists to contend that no argument was laid out against him in the Pakistani courts. Be that as it may, the sets of the Lahore High Court and the High Court were in regard of his delivery from preventive confinement. The proof given by India in regards to his lead job in the Mumbai assault, remembering the reference to him for the confession booth explanation of Ajmal Kasab, has never been introduced in any courtroom in Pakistan. Besides, since the Mumbai assault was arranged in and executed from Pakistan, the vast majority of the proof against him would lie there.

As 2009 attracted to a nearby, there were obvious indicators of an endeavor by Hafiz Saeed’s supporters in the security foundation to bring him back steadily into public life. He had kept a position of safety after his delivery from confinement. In any case, that had not forestalled activists of Jamaat-ud-Dawa from straightforwardly doing help exercises for those uprooted by the tactical activity in Smack under the flag of Falahi Insaniyat Establishment. Towards the year’s end, Hafiz Saeed gave some television interviews, at first with his back to the camera. Bit by bit his “camera modesty” vanished and he began giving meetings all the more straightforwardly. We gained from editorial circles that a portion of the individuals who had talked with him right off the bat had set up the meetings through the ISI. Before long, he likewise turned into a main figure in the work to prepare delirium on the supposed infringement of the Indus Waters Settlement by India. A portion of his gatherings with enemies of India blusters occurred in the Aabpara area of Islamabad, near the vigorously braced office of the ISI. Close to this time, we assembled from senior American representatives that the Pakistanis were letting them know that they were troubled about the chance of countless Lashkar-e-Taiba frameworks graphing an autonomous course by connecting up with the dread gatherings undermining Pakistan or battling worldwide powers in Afghanistan (there were additionally media reports of the Americans having captured a few past LeT units in Afghanistan) and felt that Hafiz Saeed’s presence was expected to foil this pattern. Our questioners in the American Consulate in Islamabad appeared to be leaned to purchase this contention.

In a gathering in August 2010, a senior armed force conversationalist gave me the accompanying message: (I) The Mumbai dread assault was not approved either by the military or the ISI administration. (ii) India was advancing quick and they understood that such demonstrations of fear would neither end India’s advancement nor help the reason for giving better financial open doors, wellbeing and schooling offices to the Pakistani public. (iii) The military had assisted with the examination that brought about catching the Mumbai guilty parties. In any case, assuming India was hanging tight for activity against Hafiz Saeed prior to continuing discourse, that wouldn’t occur in light of the fact that there was no proof of his association in the assault. (iv) Pakistan had its own interests in regards to Indian impedance in its inner undertakings and would like them to be tended to. I alluded to the proof given by India in regards to Hafiz Saeed’s job, yet my conversationalist remained cautious. The above was obviously a blended message, for certain sensible sounding words, yet in addition the standard pestering the purported Indian impedance and no goal to act against Hafiz Saeed. There was a lot of doubt in Delhi even about the sensible words. It didn’t get away from my consideration that while precluding authorisation of the Mumbai activity by the military or the ISI administration, my questioner had not precluded the inclusion of armed force officials at different levels but no such official was brought to book.

A contention that I frequently heard in Pakistan was that it would have been strange for the military/ISI initiative to approve such a huge scope assault when their hands were full in managing psychological warfare inside Pakistan. I heard the counter to this contention from a conspicuous Pakistani writer, who felt that the commanders, who were not satisfied with President Asif Ali Zardari’s pronounced plan to further develop relations with India, appeared to have approved the assault to disrupt the President’s plan, in the conviction that the ten psychological oppressors would be killed rapidly by India, bringing about a couple of killings. In the occasion, be that as it may, it took the Indian specialists significantly longer to contain the assault, bringing about an enormous number of setbacks. One more chance is that the assault was among the LeT tasks against India, considered and sorted through by the ISI at some stage and was completed by the LeT with the assistance of some military officials without receiving an express approval from the military/ISI administration. Anything the truth, obviously an assault of this greatness could never have been arranged without the contribution of state structures sooner or later and the military/ISI administration was at any rate at fault for concealing the association of armed force officials and not charging them in the Mumbai assault preliminary.

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