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Facebook Launches Holi-Themed Avatars, Here’s How You Can Get Them

Facebook has launched a bunch of Holi-themed avatars that can be used in comments on posts, and on Messenger as well.

In celebration of Holi that’s taking place on March 29, Facebook has launched Holi-themed avatars. Facebook said there have been in excess of 4,000,000 peoples in India who made over 6.6 million posts and comments about Holi in the previous two weeks.

Facebook users can create Holi-themed avatars from the smartphone app. These avatars can be created through the Facebook app, and from the Messenger app as well. You can do this from the remark writer of both of the two applications. In the comment bar tap on the smiley button, and afterward select the sticker tab. Here, you’ll discover the option to “Make Your Avatar”. You can also discover the avatar Creator in the Bookmarks segment of the Facebook app.

You’ll have to give access to your phone’s camera to create a Facebook avatar. To start, Facebook will show different options of skin tones to choose from, and then you’ll have a set of various options to customise your hair, colours, eyes, mouth, face shape, complexion, eyebrows, and makeup. Once you’re done making your avatar it will appear in the sticker tab of the comment section.

Here you’ll find different versions of your avatar, and you’ll also see the Holi stickers. These stickers will appear in the sticker library when you are posting or commenting on Facebook posts. You can also use them in Messenger.

More virtual celebrations for the festival include Holi-themed tools by Snapchats. Snapchat has added some colourful sticker packs and augmented reality (AR) lenses (including 3D Bitmojis), Snap Map features, filters, paint-throwing cameos and more. Pokemon Go is also hosting a Holi event in India with different coloured Pokemon, Holi-inspired T-shirt avatars and more.