Flipkart Partners With Nokia To Launch New Air Conditioners In India

The new range of air conditioners come at a starting price of ₹30,999 and they will be available on Flipkart starting December 29.

have partnered once again and this time around, the two companies have launched a line of air conditioners in India. The new range of air conditioners come at a starting price of ₹30,999 and they will be available on Flipkart in 29 December 2020.

Flipkart and Nokia’s new range of air conditioners come with tons of new features. For instance, they come with 6-in-1 filters, along with intelligent Motion Sensor, smart features, which enable users to use their phones as a remote, and a lot of comfort highlights, which includes smart filter clean reminder, multiple scheduler, customized user-profiles and smart diagnosis.

In addition to these features, Nokia and Flipkart’s new air conditioners also come with self-cleaning technology, low vibration motors and noiseless operations. These air conditioners work in a dynamic voltage range of 145-265V and they offer stabilizer free operations.

Flipkart says that Nokia’s range of air conditioners includes many unique features including adjustable inverter mode, environment-friendly R-32 refrigerant, intelligent motion sensors and Wi-Fi connected smart climate control, which ensures that these air conditioners offer an experience that goes beyond cooling.

“We are excited to to extend our collaboration with Nokia to bring ‘Made-in-India’ Nokia air conditioners to consumers. Over the course of last year, we have launched superior products, at the back of our extensive consumer understanding, to bring offerings that are customized for the needs of Indian consumers,” Dev Iyer, Vice President – Private Brands, Flipkart, said on the occasion.

Notably, this is not the first time that Flipkart has collaborated with Nokia to launch a smart home appliance in India. Over the course of this year, the two companies have collaborated to launch a new range of 43-inch smart TVs in India. More recently, the two companies launched the Nokia PureBook X14 laptop in India. It is available in India for price ₹59, 990.