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Get Instagram Messenger Features To Enjoy Awesome New Ways To Chat With Friends On Facebook

If you are an Instagram user, you should evaluate Messenger features on this application. It provides interesting better approaches to cooperate with your companions, on Instagram, but also with those on Facebook without having to leave the app. The Instagram Messenger features are available for both Android and iPhone users. The Instagram Messenger features allow you to connect in new ways with friends who use Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to use new messaging features such as swipe to reply to messages, react with any emoji, and chat with friends who use Facebook – all without leaving Instagram.

According to the information given by Instagram on its assist page, you will automatically be able to receive message requests and video chats from your Facebook account directly on the Instagram app. You will be found by Facebook accounts based on your Instagram account’s public info search for friends who use Messenger by typing their Facebook name.

Instagram Messenger features

  • Send messages, disappearing messages, and start video chats
  • Reshare posts
  • Change your chat theme
  • React with any emoji and add effects to your messages
  • Send animated selfie stickers
  • Watch videos together
  • Swipe to reply to messages
  • Forward messages to Instagram accounts only