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Gmail for Android Gets New Button That Makes It Easier to Copy and Paste Email Addresses

Gmail users no longer have to long press on an Email address to copy it.

Gmail for Android application now allows easy copying and pasting of Email addresses. Google has added a copy and remove button to the Compose Mail screen on the application. The new changes makes it simpler to copy Email addresses as well as removing them. Google didn’t make a declaration in regards to the new change.

Android Police was the first to recognize the new feature. When composing an Email in Gmail for Android, users will currently simply have to tap on an Email address to get to the Copy and Remove choices. Earlier the same was possible by long pressing the Email address that showed users a pop-up menu to carry out the action.

The update doesn’t seems to be restricted to a specific version of the Gmail for Android app.

Google had updated the Gmail for iOS application in November 2020. The update included a widget for users iOS 14 (or more) that allows them to look or make a mail. Alongside, Google also added a widget for Drive that allows users to search any document they might have stored on Google’s cloud.

In another update for Gmail in November 2020, Google added the Contacts tab to Gmail that allows the users to see a detailed information card. The card will hold the data like the phone number, Email address, team, manager, and office location. Google introduced this feature with enhance collaboration and communication with stakeholders but they claim for it to work, all the user’s data should be spread across Google Workspace.