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Google Bans 8 Malicious Apps from Play Store

Google has banned as many as 8 dangerous apps from its Play Store including BitFunds, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC), and more. You must delete them from your smartphone too; check the full list.

Cryptocurrency mining has been gathering everybody’s interest particularly over the range of the most recent few months. Be that as it may, hackers are using this public interest in cryptocurrencies forms to trick innocent netizens into installing malicious applications on their phones containing dangerous malware and adware. Interestingly, these malicious scripts have been recognized and Google has removed them. In fact, as many as 8 dangerous apps have been removed from Google Play Store that was masquerading as cryptocurrency mining apps – users were lured by promises of earning big profits by investing money in cloud-mining operations.

Security firm Trend Micro reports that upon investigation it tracked down that these eight malicious applications were fooling victims into watching ads, paying for membership benefits that have a normal monthly expense of $15 ( ₹1,115 approx.), and paying for increased mining capabilities without receiving anything in return. The organization detailed its findings to Google Play Store, following which they were promptly removed by the company. The point is that Google may have removed them from Play Store, but these apps may well have already been downloaded on your phone. So, what you need to do is check out your phone for them and delete them quickly.
Here is these applications names:

  • BitFunds – Crypto Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin Miner – Cloud Mining
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Pool Mining Cloud Wallet
  • Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System
  • Bitcoin 2021
  • MineBit Pro – Crypto Cloud Mining and BTC digger
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Pool Mining Cloud

The research site says that two of these applications are paid applications that users need to buy. While users needed to pay $12.99 ( ₹966 approx.) to download Crypto Holic – Bitcoin Cloud Mining, they needed to pay $5.99 ( ₹445 approx.) to download Daily Bitcoin Rewards – Cloud Based Mining System.

Furthermore, Trend Micro said that in excess of 120 fake cryptocurrency mining applications are as yet available online. “These apps, which do not have cryptocurrency mining capabilities and deceive users into watching in-app ads, have affected more than 4,500 users globally from July 2020 to July 2021,” the company wrote in a blog.

Here’s the way you can recognize a fake crypto mining application:

  1. Carefully read the application’s reviews: Fake applications will get various 5-star reviews whenever they are released openly. Pay more attention to 1-star reviews.
  2. Try to enter an invalid or wrong cryptocurrency wallet address: Trend Micro says that if a user encodes an invalid wallet address and the application acknowledges it and can perform follow-up tasks, there is a high probability that the app is fraudulent.
  3. Restart the application or phone while it is currently mining: If a device is restarted subsequent to mining begins and the mining application is killed in the background, the system will forcibly clear the counter, resetting it to zero.
  4. Confirm in case there is a withdrawal fee: The exchange of cryptocurrency requires a handling fee, which is generally high compared with what is regularly made from using cloud mining. Consequently, f Hence, free withdrawals are very suspicious, the firm said.