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Google Just Made It Easier For Chrome Users To Sync Information Across Devices

All Google Chrome users will be able to sync information across devices by just signing in with their Google Account now.

It is going to be easier for Chrome users to sync their passwords and payment information across devices as Google has announced in a recent blog post. The blog post, labeled ‘Seamless payments and password management in Chrome’, mentions new features that will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months.

Google Chrome users on Android will be able access their saved payment information once they log into the browser with their Google account. These payments can be confirmed by entering the credit/debit card’s CVC or by biometric security.

Google is also simplifying the logging in process for the Google Account. So if you are logged into a Google service like Gmail, you are going to get an option to sign into the browser with the Google Account on the device with just a tap.

The Google Chrome desktop version is also being updated to give access to saved passwords if the user has signed in with a Google Account. When you save a new password, Chrome will give you the option to either save the password just on the device or to have access across devices.

A similar function is already available on Chrome via the sync feature which saves your bookmarks, history, passwords etc across devices. But this only works if the sync option is turned on every device. The new update will make signing into a browser with Google Account simpler and more intuitive making it easier to access information.