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Google Photos Gets Travel Timeline Integration, Features Satellite Layer

Google Photos will soon show you photos taken on the routes you have taken. The feature is available through the app’s latest version 5.23.0 and above.

Google is turning out timeline of integration for Google Photos on Android and iOS. Like Google Maps’, Google Photos will show you a Maps timelines for places you have visited. Google Photos’ timeline feature also has multiple layers such as satellite and terrain, which need to be manually enabled. At the point when users launch the Google Photos location to view through the search, they will see a prompt saying, “See your path through the world with Timeline added to your map.” According to reports, Google Photos’ map view also shows the precise route which you have travelled that day. Google on its app also informs users that the route details are private and only visible to the user. You can zoom in to the route to check out photos you have taken. Google Photos’ new feature uses the device’s location history. You can always disable the feature through the in-app settings.

“Your map shows photos including shared photos you save. It uses location info such as your camera’s GPS, detected landmark, and location history,” says Google in the app.

Bonus: How to hide your photos’ locations from others

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Sharing, which appears on the top.

Step 3: Click on hide photo location data

Doing this will help you hide location details for new albums, links, conversations or items you have shared with others. Note that the change won’t influence shared collections that as of now have location details visible. “This also doesn’t affect photos or videos you share differently, such as when you download and email them to someone. In that case, the original location your device saved shows without any edits you made in Google Photos. Even if you hide your photos’ locations from people, they may be able to guess based on landmarks in your photo,” Google explains.