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Google Photos Testing Filters to Make Searching for Photos Easier

Google is testing new filters such as selfies, creations, screenshots so it's easier to search for specific photos and videos.

Google Photos is testing a new feature that will make it even easier to search for photos and videos. Google is adding filters to its search tool in Photos. This will make it possible for users to narrow down their search using filters.

The new Google Photos feature is currently in testing, according to Android Police. There are various filters that you can select to narrow down your search. The filters include favorites, videos, selfies, collages, animations, movies, creations, screenshots, archives, and motion photos. You can also add people to these filters to get photos and videos where that person is tagged.

Android Police notes that Google Photos already shows photos and videos with specific keywords. So you can actually type the keywords and the person, and Google Photos will show all related photos and videos in the search results. But the new search filters will definitely make it easier for users to figure out what exactly they’re looking for in Google Photos.

If you’ve received the new feature, the new filters should appear in the search bar. Since it is currently in testing not all users will receive it. There’s no word on when Google will release it to all users.

It’s worth mentioning that the deadline for free backup on Google Photos is coming close. Starting June 1, all Google Photos backups will be counted as part of the 15GB storage that Google offers for free. Google will still let you keep all photos and videos backed up till then but you will no longer be able to save them for free. If you wish to continue backing up your photos and videos you can opt for a Google One subscription.