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How To Protect Your Browser From The Adrozek Malware Campaign

Microsoft has warned that all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge have been affected by a nasty, widespread malware campaign called Adrozek.

In a new note, Microsoft has cautioned about an industrious malware campaign that is affecting all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and even its own Edge. This malware campaign called Adrozek is worked to inject false promotions into the list items and redirect clients’ personal information.

Adrozek has been available for use since May this year and was found across in excess of 30,000 devices for every day at its peak spread this summer.

“Altogether, from May to September 2020, we recorded a huge number of experiences of the Adrozek malware across the globe, with heavy focus in Europe and in South Asia and Southeast Asia,” Microsoft said.

What does Adrozek do?

Adrozek malware is capable of modifying web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla and Edge. So that means pretty much all devices are at risk here, across the world.

Adrozek malware is distributed via 159 malicious domains or more and each of these domains host 17,300 distinct URLs at an average. All these domains house hundreds of thousands of unique malware samples and are capable of bypassing security tools that usually filter such threats.

On the left a browser not affected by Adrozek and on the right, one that is. (Microsoft )
β€œThe intended effect is for users, searching for certain keywords, to inadvertently click on these malware-inserted ads, which lead to affiliate pages. The attackers earn through affiliate advertising programs, which pay by the amount of traffic referred to sponsored affiliated pages,” Microsoft explained.

How to stop the Adrozek malware?

To shield oneself against Adrozek and comparable program modifiers, Microsoft recommends that you don’t download documents from offensive sources.You are also recommended to use antivirus services for protection.Additionally, as a careful step, you ought to uninstall and then reinstall the web browsers you are using right now.