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Hyderabad To Mass Produce Covid-19 Vaccine By August: CM TO PM

The study says CM KCR told PM that attempts to get a COVID-19 vaccine are being made and that they might be from India

During his conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Coronavirus containment and lock-out plans on 11th May, Mumbai Mirror announced that a vaccination against COVID-19 could occur in Hyderabad from July to August, Chief Minister of Telangana, Chandrashekar Rao said.

The study says CM KCR told PM that attempts to get a COVID-19 vaccine are being made and that they might be from India.

Afterwards he addressed businesses that are trying their utmost to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine. Hyderabad businesses are working fast. The vaccine is likely to be produced in July-August from Hyderabad. The situation will change markedly if the vaccine is available.

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In the publication of the CMO, Rao said: Coronavirus vaccinations are being undertaken. The vaccine might come from our country. There is a chance. Hyderabad businesses are working very hard. Vaccine can be generated between July and August from Hyderabad. It indicates a improvement in the condition if the vaccination is safe.

Bharat Biotech told CM that attempts have been made to produce a Covid-19 vaccine, although other firms are still producing a vaccine.

Worldwide, experts are working to create a modern coronavirus vaccine. Oxford University has co-operated with the Indian Serum Institute to develop a vaccine and received approval to start clinical trials last month.

The Telangana CM has discussed the resumption and urged the PM to refrain from doing so, saying that it will cause mobility and problems in testing for COVID-19 and quarantine because the State has seen a rise in new cases.

KCR asked PM Modi “not to revive the passenger train services, which were stopped as part of preventive measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country,” an official release said. No one knows who’s going where. Regular checks and validation on everyone can not be carried out. Even those who have traveled with trains are hard to bring under quarantine, too. Passenger trains would also not be permitted to run, he added.

From the 12th of May on the Rajdhani route from Delhi to all major cities like Secunderabad, up to 15 trains will operate on the Railways.