In Collaboration With Dotpe, NRAI Brings Zomato And Paytm On The Digital Purchasing Network

Using the Dotpe QR catalog once the lockdown has been lifted, NRAI members will have the opportunity to order through that catalog and pay by phone while still sitting.

In partnership with Gurgaon ‘s startup O2O Commerce, Dotpe, the Indian National Restoration Association (NRAI) launched a solution for digital ordering in restaurants, ensuring a minimal human touch while ordering and payment.

The change occurs at a era where the world-wide shutdown has declared a restricted capacity to fulfill only supply orders. The step comes at a moment when restaurants across the world have been seriously affected by the regional lockout, which has been confirmed to contain the spread of codification to 19, and where restaurants across the country are seriously affected by the shutdown.

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The change comes at a period when restaurants throughout the world is greatly affected by the nation’s large-scale lockout, which was allegedly involving the spread of covid 19.

A variety of the association ‘s leaders have discussed main measures, including developing a rewards system and focusing on alternate home delivery models for its restaurant partners, at a live Facebook session hosted by NRAI in which they are exploring alternatives that will help reduce the dependence of restaurants on established Zomato and Swiggy web aggregates.

The solution for digital ordering is competing with the contactless feature of Zomato’s food technology unicorn and Fintech unicorn, which was launched in the last month by Paytm’s ‘Contactless In-store Ordering’ solution.

Using the Dotpe QR catalog and e-commerce platform, once the lockdown has been lifted, NRAI members will have the opportunity to order through that catalog and pay by phone while still sitting.

In addition, the Dotpe digital business and payment QR solution is expected to help NRAI restaurants connect directly through WhatsApp with their customers. Restaurants will therefore create their own digital Omni-Channel network and, according to NRAI, their consumers would be completely operated.

“I am extremely happy to announce our partnership with Dotpe for this critical solution for the Industry, which will be especially useful in the post-pandemic era. We are committed to take better control of our business and our customer data and become digitally more self-reliant as an Industry. While NRAI has spearheaded this initiative, I firmly believe that this solution will benefit the entire F&B fraternity at large, benefitting lakhs of small restaurants across the country,” said Anurag Katriar, President of NRAI; CEO & Executive Director of deGustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

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The logo has been launched and the food aggregator websites like Zomato, Gold, Gourmet Passport by Dineout have been dropped from NRAI and its restaurants in August last year, among others, in protest of strong discounts and offers for customers.

NRAI was concerned about the tendency of many of these new-age digital tenants to slowly take decisions and is dedicated to developing technology systems where company owners take key business decisions. For the business owners and not market owners, NRAI also seeks a unique right over customer data. NRAI wants an ecosystem that is transparent to everyone.

Through partnering together with Dotpe, the restaurants will now be open with their consumers through sharing all online orders directly with them via WhatsApp. In the meantime, customers need not download an additional application as they can order food by scanning the given QR code.

NRAI members will not be able to use a percentage-based commission for digital purchase services at low flat fees. In addition, this technology is currently used in a handful of restaurants while consumers are again visiting restaurants.

Restaurants like Haldiram’s, Party, Smoke House Delhi, Cafe Delhi Heights and Fab Café are included in these spaces.