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Instagram Is Testing A “Collab” Feature That Will Let You Co-Author Posts And Reels

Instagram is testing this new Collab feature and in two countries, one of them being India.

Instagram is testing another feature called “Collab” and it does precisely what the name suggests. This new feature will allow you to collaborate with other Instagram users to make Feed Posts and Reels. With Collab, you can welcome someone else/account to “show up as a collaborator” on the post or Reel. And if they accept your invitation, both the accounts will appear in the post or Reel header. And it is also going to be shared with both sets of followers.

A Feature like this makes it easier for influencers and content makers to share posts and Reels they make in collaboration with others. Right now, on the off chance that you make content in a joint effort with someone else or account, either one of you will have to post it on your feed and then the other can share it on theirs. The Collab feature will automatically share the content on both feeds saving you that little time and hassle. This new Collab feature is also going to ensure that both the content creators involved can see the shared feedback.

India is one of the first two nations where Instagram Collab is being tested and globally it is being tested with just a little level of Instagram users. So in the event that you don’t see this feature available to you right now, you will have to wait till the testing is over and it is officially rolled out.

How does Instagram Collab work?

  • You upload a feed post or make a Reel as you normally would.
  • When you get to the end of your share screen, you’ll see the option to “Tag People”.
  • When you click on “Tag People” you will get an option to invite a collaborator by clicking on “Invite Collaborator”.
  • Post this you can search for an account and add them as a collaborator. The account you are inviting should accept your invitation and only public accounts who are receiving the test experience can be invited to ‘Collab ’/co-author right now.
  • Once the account has accepted the collaboration invite, they will be added to the tag screen and also noted in the header of your post.