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Instagram launches TikTok Duet-like feature ‘Remix’ for Reels

With Remix, Instagram users can now pair videos with other users' Reels.

Instagram has launched another TikTok- inspired feature to Reels. It currently allows users to remix a Reel by pairing their video with different users. It’s like TikTok Duets which are very well known on the short video application. Instagram has been testing this feature since October last year allowing select users to experiment with, and it is now available to all globally.

The Instagram Reels remix feature will be enabled by default for any new Reel uploaded. Be that as it may, users who wish to have their more seasoned Reels remixed should manually enable it. This can be done by tapping on the three dot menu button of the Reel, and choosing “enable remixing”.

The steps to remix a Reel are also the same with users having to tap on the menu button, and select “Remix this Reel”. A new screen will appear with the original Reel playing on the left side, and the right side showing the new video that will go up. Users can either record a new video or choose an existing one from their phone. The editing options are the same for remixing a Reel, and these include adding effects, timer, adjusting the speed, adding audio and more.

As mentioned above, Instagram will enable remixing as a matter of course for any new Reel transfer. There is an alternative however to impair remixing, and one can do this by opening Settings > Privacy > Reels > Enable remixing. Users simply have to toggle off the option to disable remixing their Reels. The feature is now live on Instagram for all users globally on Android and iOS.