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Instagram Live Rooms Takes on Clubhouse by Allowing Users to Switch Off Video, Sound

Instagram Live Rooms lets users chat with three people at once during a live session, rather than just with one.

Instagram Live Rooms has rolled out another feature in which hosts will actually want to quiet their sound like you would in a Zoom or Google Meet call.

As indicated by Mashable, Instagram Live users will also be able to turn off video for chats, the new feature is similar to the popular audio-based app Clubhouse.

In March, the photo-sharing platform Instagram launched Live Rooms, allowing users to chat with three peoples at once in a Live session, rather than just with one.

“By giving people the option to mute their audio or turn off their video, hosts will have added flexibility for their Livestream experience, as the added functionality could help decrease pressure to look or sound a certain way while broadcasting live,” Instagram said in a statement emailed to Mashable.

Live, the company added, gives creators a “quick, low-lift way to connect with their community and audience and have a real back-and-forth conversation.”

Mashable announced that the organization isn’t quick to continue in Clubhouse’s audio forward footsteps. Clubhouse, an audio-based social media application that allows a user to jump in and out of chats on a variety of topics, does it the same. It is like tuning in to a live podcast recording.