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Instagram Testing Auto-Captions For Stories

Instagram is testing a new ‘Captions’ sticker for video clips on Stories.

Instagram is testing another feature that transcribes audio in Stories. The feature is called “Close Captions”, and it shows up in the sticker tab. It’s similar to what Instagram has been offering in its Threads application.

The new Instagram Stories feature was spotted by Matt Navarra who shared a video showing how it works. You can tap on the sticker icon, and select the caption sticker whenever you’re finished your video. Instagram will then auto-caption whatever you’ve said in the video. In light of the video shared by Navarra, the captioning is quite precise. There are also four font options to choose from for the captions, and colors can be added as well.

This feature is at currently showing for select users yet it would appear that they can’t post Stories with it right now. Instagram also confirmed to Navarra this feature isn’t available for public testing so it very well may be because of a glitch that it’s showing up for certain users. This feature would be useful for users with hearing disability.

Instagram introduced something similar last year with its camera-first Threads application. Here, the application consequently adds captions to each video recorded. You would then be able to remove the captions, or edit each word. You can also move the captions around the video and spot them where you want.On Threads, transcriptions work for 15 seconds. This feature isn’t available to all Threads users but there have been quite a lot who have posted the captioned videos as Instagram Stories and on TikTok as well.