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Instagram Threads is Shutting Down, If You Care

Instagram Threads app is shutting down by December end. Users will have to use Instagram for all messaging purposes.

Most of Instagram’s additional are simply unique thoughts; you can Snapchat and rivals for some of the most recent ones. People do chat on Instagram a lot and as a result, a dedicated chat app has been present on app stores, called Instagram Threads. Built to take on Snapchat with similar features in 2019, Threads is now getting discontinued.

Like the previous messaging application Direct, Instagram is axing the Threads application. Users should now depend exclusively on the primary Instagram application for sending messages and Stories to “Close Friends”. Although Instagram is yet to announce this officially, a report from TechCrunch states an Instagram spokesperson confirming this move.

Instagram Thread unthreading soon

The Threads application was reported in 2019 as an option in contrast to Snapchat. Like Snapchat, you can chat with your friends and contacts, and even send them stories. Later, the app even included the ability to chat with anyone. Threads also let you view stories of your favorite contacts.

“We know that people care about connecting with their close friends, and we’ve seen this particularly over the past few years with the growth of messaging on Instagram,” said the spokesperson. “We’re bringing the fun and unique features we had on Threads, to the main Instagram app, and continuing to build ways people can better connect with their close friends on Instagram. We hope this makes it easier for people to have all these features and abilities in the main app.”

Instagram recently had a messenger application of its own, called Direct. The purpose of that app was to provide a dedicated text app for Instagram members without the need to open the main app. However, it was axed eventually and Threads came soon after.

Strings haven’t been as well known with Threads hasn’t been as popular with die-hard Instagram fans, and most people stick to the main app for all their Insta needs. Additionally, Facebook Messenger allowed users to send messages to Insta users, thereby offering a unified texting experience for both platforms.