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Instagram Users Can Now Add Pronouns To Their Profiles

Instagram is giving users the option to add up to four pronouns to their profiles.

Instagram has added another feature that will allow users to add pronouns to their profiles. Instagram will let users add up to four pronouns to their profile that will appear next to their username. This feature will be appreciated by users as most of them already put pronouns in their profile bios.

Instagram users can decide to have their pronouns show up openly on their profile or just to their followers. This feature will be turned on of course to users younger than 18, The Verge detailed. There’s a range of different pronouns that users can choose to add to their Instagram profile. There’s also an option to fill a form to add pronouns that are not available in the list of options that Instagram provides. You can add the preferred pronoun and your Instagram username in the form.

On the off chance that the feature is available, you will see another ‘Pronoun’ tab under the ‘Edit Profile’ section. Here, you can type out the pronouns you want and Instagram will suggest pronouns from the list of options available. You can choose up to four pronouns that will appear on your profile. Just below this is an option to show your pronouns only to your followers. If you want this then just toggle on the option. This way only your followers will see your pronouns.

This is a little however important feature by Instagram as its push to improve inclusivity on its platform. Presently users can decide to add pronouns directly to their profiles as opposed to making them part of their profiles.