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Is Trump to blame for the failure of the US in combating the global pandemic?

President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump is accused of being reckless in the initial stages of outspread of the disease.

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Source: Financial Times

The whole world is now falling prey to the pandemic. We are all afflicted. However, it’s rather startling to see the most developed nation falling apart, a nation like the United States of America. The COVID-19 cases here bounced from none to gigantic digits of over one million in no time. From being one of the strongest states across the globe to now having its people dying every day has put its government and the administration under great scrutiny. Many aspects of the USA becoming the great victim of coronavirus shifts the blame on Donald Trump.

Trumps’ recklessness endangered the country

President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump is accused of being reckless in the initial stages of outspread of the disease. The Washington Post, a major American newspaper published in Washington, D.C confirms that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had handed out at least 12 alarms to Trump regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in China and how it may affect the US which eventually he overlooked. The Intelligence officials claim to have continuously delivered warnings in issues of the President’s Daily Brief or PDB( the daily brief constitutes sensitive reports on the most significant global developments and security threats) which has to be produced each day to the President before dawn).

The CIA repeatedly pointed out in the reports of PDB on how China was keeping information about the virus’ transmissibility from the world and the dire consequences which may erupt for the US soon and also traced the rate of spread of COVID-19 around the realm to which Trump responded with sheer recklessness.

Trump didn’t seem to bother much about the outspread even when WHO announced it as a global pandemic. He was found trivializing the threat latest by late February. On February 26, the president insisted publicly that the number of cases “within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero,” and said the next day that “it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 
Consequently, his administration failed to become well-equipped to battle against this epidemic. It couldn’t be ready with strategies for an effective diagnostic test or to quarantine large population before the pandemic hit them severely.
The country is now paying a great price for this negligence with a number of casualties every day.
We wish the state to recover soon and the tragedy to turn into a lesson for the administration to act wisely in the future.