‘Lack of hospital beds in the capital’: Kejriwal tweets his critique on Lt. Governor order.

'No patient should be denied treatment for not being a resident of Delhi'. On Monday overruled the AAP government's decision.

At present Delhi’s COVID-19 cases are rising with solid speed, with confirmed cases at 27654, active cases at 16229, recovered cases at 10664 with the death toll at 761. Delhi’s Health infrastructure is facing “huge problems” in the matter of hospital occupancy as the cases are swelling on a daily basis soon the beds won’t be enough for every patient.

Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal said, ‘No patient should be denied treatment for not being a resident of Delhi’. On Monday overruled the AAP government’s decision to reserve beds government and private hospitals for only Delhi residents.

Baijal impressed upon the state government that the Supreme Court has held in several judgments that the right to health is an integral part of the right to life.

“Direct departments and authorities concerned of NCT of Delhi to ensure that treatment is not denied to any patient on the ground of not being a resident of Delhi,” said L-G in a statement.

In another order, the L-G overruled the City Government’s order for coronavirus testing only for symptomatic patients. He also added, saying that all nine categories people, including asymptomatic, as prescribed by the ICMR should be examined in the national capital.

As many complaints about the quality of treatment at Delhi’s hospitals are trending on social media, CM Kejriwal declared on Sunday that all government and private hospitals in the city would only treat Delhi residents while the Central Government hospitals will remain open to all.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia accused the BJP of forcing the decision upon the government by pressuring L-G Baijal.

Sisodia quoted as saying by news agency ANI, “The BJP is putting pressure on the L-G and made him overrule our decision, now priority will not be given to people of Delhi in Delhi Hospitals. Why is the BJP doing politics over COVID-19 and trying to fail the policies of State Government”?

Deputy CM was saying that the underlined decision was taken after careful analysis of the state condition and its Health infrastructure and for the benefit of the people of Delhi.

The ANI quoted Sisodia as saying that, “The Delhi Government had taken the decision after thorough deliberations so that resident of Delhi could get enough beds and treatment if the cases increase in future. The CM has planned how many beds were needed for how many cases and how they will be arranged.”

Delhi and Mumbai are big Metropolitian states who are facing the harshest burnt of the virus. As tourism is these states are highly likely as more foreigners come here, and had flights been closed earlier, the infection would not have spread that much. But given the situation now, when for the past several days, over 1000 cases being reported on a daily basis, the situation is worsening and in future Delhi people would need more space in hospitals,” said Jain.

Satyendra Jain the State Health Minister reasoned with the government’s decision to reserve hospital beds exclusively for Delhi residents, that over the past week more than 1,000 cases have been reported each day and batted for more space in hospitals for the city residents.

The number of coronavirus cases in the National capital crossed the 28,000-mark with 1,282 fresh infections, while the death toll climbed to 812 on Sunday. The highest number was seen on June 3 marking the highest spike with 990 cases, it has been recording over 1,000 fresh cases every day from May 28 to June 7, the highest being 1,513 on June 3.