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Microsoft’s Edge Inches Closer to Google Chrome with These New Features in its Version 86.

One of the major changes that is seen in Microsoft Edge is in the Download section.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser, Edge, is getting quiet and upgrade as a part of its version 86. This additionally brings the browser slight bit nearer to its arch rival that is based on the same Chromium platform, Google Chrome. Besides the new features, Microsoft’s Edge brings bug fixes and improvement as well.

The variant brings Secure DNS(DNS-over-HTTPS) support and better handling of PDF documents online. Likewise, you get support for tables of contents along with highlighting and enhanced scrolling in pen support. There are some other improvements mentioned as well including site testing in Internet Explorer mode.

however, one of the significant changes that is seen in Microsoft Edge is in the Download segment. The point is to make managing downloading of documents easier without leaving Edge Browser. You can erase downloaded files from the download manager, something that is not possible from inside Chrome Browser yet. As mentioned by Beta News, a user needs to just visit the downloads shelf or the downloads page, right-click and select the Delete files option from the context menu.

As for admins, Microsoft Edge 86 gives them access to features including the ability to enable synchronization for Azure Active Directory accounts by default. They can even roll back to the previous version of Edge even more easily.Moreover, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users can now be able to utilize the automatic profile switching feature. As of recently, this was Limited to Windows 10 users.If you are a Microsoft Edge User, you can get the latest version by heading to Settings, followed by ‘About Microsoft Edge’ and updating the version when prompt.