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New WhatsApp Disappearing Mode, View Once Features Explained; This is How You Will Benefit

WhatsApp will soon roll out disappearing mode and view mode features to all users. The new WhatsApp features are an extension of disappearing messages that’s currently available.

WhatsApp is confirmed to roll out three new features soon. These features include multi-device support, disappearing mode, and view once. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the arrival of these features to WABetaInfo along with some details on them. We’ve already explained multi-device support that will let you connect your WhatsApp account on four different devices at the same time. Disappearing mode and view once include are like disappearing messages that WhatsApp launched a year ago.

Disappearing messages on WhatsApp can be turned on and there separately for each talk. In group chats, only admins have control over who can enable this feature. The disappearing mode will let users turn on disappearing messages for all chats at once. This feature, when turned on, will enable the ephemeral experience on all your chats on WhatsApp. So if you want disappearing messages on all your chats at once you can simply turn on disappearing mode.

The view once is also part of the disappearing messages feature however it makes some short time limit. As the name recommends, this component will let you “send content and have it disappear after the person sees it.” So if you have this feature turned on you can send photos and videos and the recipient will be able to view it only once after it’s sent. Once it’s opened the photos and videos will disappear from the chat. Do take note that users can in any case take screen captures of the substance before it disappearing. In view of the screen capture shared by WABetaInfo, a timer will be displayed on the photo or video to indicate that it will disappear soon.

Zuckerberg said they are about to start rolling out” disappearing mode and view once. He hasn’t given an exact launch date yet but it’s expected to happen soon. As for multi device support, this is confirmed to roll out to public beta users within two months.