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New Year Celebrations: Night Curfews, Ban on Terrace Parties in Delhi, Mumbai and Other Cities

New Year Celebrations: In Delhi and Mumbai, a night curfew has been imposed by authorities in wake of the new strain of COVID-19 infection.

The year 2021 will start from Friday. Notwithstanding, this year, the celebrations of New Year have taken a hit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Though the situation has improved in India, authorities and state administrations have reimposed limitations for New Year festivities due to the new strain of COVID-19 that was reported for in the United Kingdom (UK) in December. The center and the state governments have issued a fresh set of guidelines for the New Year celebrations. Meanwhile, the MHA has also extended the Unlock guidelines, which will now remain in force till January 31, 2021.

Here are the new rules issued by the state governments for New Year celebration:

  1. Delhi

Delhi Disaster Management Authority has imposed a night curfew in the national capital, barring the gathering of more than five persons at a public place. There will be no new year celebration events, no gatherings at public places permitted from 11 pm of 31st December to 6 am of 1st January and 11 pm of 1 January to 6 am of 2nd January. Likewise, transports won’t be permitted in Connaught Place after 7 pm on 31st December; routes of several buses diverted, as per Delhi Transport Department.

The Delhi Police have also warned the residents against any public events or terrace parties on New Year’s Eve. They have made sure that no function takes place without their permission otherwise the organizer will have to face a hefty penalty.

  1. Mumbai

Night time limit to stay set up from 11 pm December 31 to 6 am January 1. Section 144 to remain imposed prohibiting gathering of five or more people. No parties allowed in restaurants, pubs, bars, beaches, rooftops & boats. Mumbai Police will keep watch using drones, as per S Chaitanya, Mumbai Police Spokesperson. He further added that people should not think that they can escape if they drink and drive just because breathalysers are not being used in view of COVID. Police can always collect blood samples & examine their alcohol content and those who offend the rules a serious action will be taken against them.

  1. Bengaluru

Bengaluru City Police have issued guidelines for New Year celebrations keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation. According to guidelines no get-together of multiple peoples are permitted in general society or open territory. No apartment or society is allowed to hold New Year’s Eve celebration as no public space celebration is allowed. Also, at restaurants, only advance booking with e-tokens are allowed.

Mangaluru Police Commissioner issues prohibitory orders from 7 pm on 31st December 2020 to 6 am on 1st January 2021. Gathering of five or more people and celebration of the new year in public prohibited. Hotels, malls, restaurants, clubs, pubs etc shall not organise any special events.

  1. Hyderabad

According to Rachakonda Police commissioner, they have instructed that all new year events should be coordinated between 8 pm on 31st December to 1 am on first January. According to reports, the Outer Ring Road will be closed from 10 pm on 31st December to 5 am on 1st January, except people coming or going towards the airport. Cyberbad police commissioner has warned that no new Year events should be organised without any prior permission of the police.

  1. Chennai

Resorts located along the Old Mahabalipuram Road and Chennai’s East Coast Road won’t be allowed to organise new year parties owing to the pandemic. Guests who are staying in the resorts along the above places will be allowed to take these routes until 10 pm on 31st December, if they give a substantial ID verification. Likewise, no gatherings permitted in hotels, clubs farmhouse or on sea shores.

  1. Kolkata

Inverse to any remaining urban communities, Kolkata will hold a public capacity on New Year’s eve. A theme celebration will be organized wherein we will see ongoing anti-Agri law protests and some on anti-CAA protests. However, the Kolkata Police will be keeping a close eye on the violators of the COVID-19 protocols during the celebration.

  1. Kerala

Kerala Government has given a request restricting all open social events as a component of New Year celebration. All celebrations on New Year eve (December 31) should stop by 10 PM.