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Now, on Google Meet, add cats, astronauts, jellyfish, and more!

Google Meet has just introduced changes that will make your conversations so much more exciting.

1/6 Google Meet has recently changed for you. Google, which has been consistently working on the features on its video conferencing platform, has rolled out changes that are pointed toward giving people, who frequently don’t get an opportunity to share their views during meetings, some truly necessary time under the spotlight, then, at that point it presented a lot of new features for students and teachers aimed at making learning a stress-free experience and now, it has introduced new ones that make boring video conferences fun and interesting. (Google)

2/6 Google Meet AR Masks: The organization says that it has added new augmented reality (AR) based veils, channels, and impacts to its video-conferencing application. “Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish, and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks, and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS. Try it today,” Google wrote in a post on Twitter making the announcement. (Google)

3/6 Google Meet effects availability: The report that these impacts are available via the sparkle icon that appears at the bottom right corner of a user’s video feed when they are on a call. The sparkle icon will bring a carousel of different effects, which includes a color filter and animated AR face effects. (Google)

4/6 Who will get it and who will not: The report also says that these effects are generally available for people’s Gmail accounts. Google Workspace users, then again, will just gain access to a select virtual background that is targeted at a more professional setup. Simply said, these funky new effects are aimed at making your personal conversations fun and interesting. As far as your work-related video calls are concerned, they will remain dull and boring. (Google)

5/6 Google Meet Classroom: Separately, Google, as mentioned previously, has released a host of features for students and teachers. For instance, For example, each instructor and co-teacher in a Classroom can become a host in a meeting that will enable multiple teachers to share the load of managing a class. Also, students will now be placed inside a “waiting room” and that they won’t be able to see or communicate with other participants until a teacher is present. (Google)

6/6 Google Meet security controls: This feature can end meetings for everyone on the call and mute everyone at once. (Google)