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NPCI, Paytm Debunk FASTAG Scam Videos, Issue Statement to Explain Deduction Process

FASTAG is an electronic toll collection system made mandatory for all commercial, personal four-wheelers for payments at toll plazas since 2021.

There is not a chance a smartwatch can be utilized to check a FASTAG and siphon cash from it, the National Payments Corporation of India and Paytm have said in light of a video that is being coursed broadly via virtual entertainment and has led to alarm in many circles.

Claims in the video, which show a kid cleaning a windshield, filtering the FASTAG using a smartwatch and afterward taking off when addressed, are ridiculous and bogus, said NPCI, the organisation enabling digital payments and settlement systems in India. It is misinformation, added Paytm.

The video cut, generally shared on various virtual entertainment stages, has amassed lakhs of perspectives, offers and remarks on numerous YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter.

A voiceover in Hindi drives home the point: “This is the new scam that has started now. Kids asking at traffic signals are being given smartwatches with scanners implanted in them. While cleaning the vehicle, they point their smartwatch towards the FASTAG, and it e-checks your FASTAG. Thusly, the cash is deducted from your Paytm account. The same has happened to me before likewise.” The 3.42 minute clip has no attribution.

A comparative case about a ‘FASTAG scam’ was likewise propounded by performer and illusionist Karan Singh in a meeting to content maker Vinamre Kasanaa on his Dostcast YouTube channel. It gathered practically 1.5 lakh sees and 11,000 offers.

FASTAG, in view of radio recurrence ID (RFID) innovation, is an electronic cost assortment framework made compulsory for all business as well as private four-wheelers for installments at cost courts since February last year.

While Paytm talked about just the kid video in its reply, NPCI examined the bigger issue of recordings making fake claims.

“A video is spreading deception about Paytm FASTAG that incorrectly shows a smartwatch filtering FASTAG. According to NETC rules, FASTAG payments can be started simply by approved dealers, onboarded after various rounds of testing. Paytm FASTAG is totally protected and secure,” Paytm said in a Twitter post.

Depicting ‘FASTAG Scam’ recordings doing the rounds as “baseless” and “false”, the NPCI likewise put out a long Twitter post making sense of its perspective.

FASTag Scam Videos, Issue Statement to Explain Deduction Process have been  debunked by NPCI and Paytm | TechMarmot

It said the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) FASTAG biological system is based on a four-party model — NPCI, Acquirer Bank, Issuer Bank, and Toll Plazas. “A few layers of safety conventions are put to guarantee the start to finish safe handling of exchanges,” it said.

“NETC FASTAG works just for Person to Merchant (P2M) exchanges. No Person to Person (P2P) exchanges are worked with through NETC FASTAG Network. This implies an individual can’t get the cash in NETC FASTAG biological system from fake exchanges,” it added.