Opinion: Rahul Gandhi’s Learning Curve – Head South, Young Man

Rahul Gandhi with his outsize influence in the party is Member of parliament from Wayanad in Kerala.

Has the Congress given up on North India to put its political capital in rethinking itself as a South-first party under the administration of Rahul Gandhi? I would contend that it has.

As the most established skillet Indian party with a full impression the nation over and 20 percent of the vote share, the Congress is passionate about being the main public Resistance that can take on a flourishing BJP under Narendra Modi. Think about the accompanying:

Mallikarjun Kharge, the new Congress president is from Karnataka.
Rahul Gandhi with his outsize impact in the party is Individual from parliament from Wayanad in Kerala.

K C Venugopal, presently the party official with the most extreme impact on Rahul Gandhi, is from Kerala.
The terrible contender for party President, Shashi Tharoor, is serving his third term as MP from Thiruvananthapuram.

Rahul Gandhi, taking a gander at one more rehash of his political image, is right now on a Bharat Jodo Yatra. The walkathon began from Kerala, spent quite a while in the state, and is at present in Karnataka. Rahul Gandhi is cautiously evading the political decision bound territories of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

On the off chance that Kharge go on as Head of the Resistance in the Rajya Sabha alongside his new position, the Congress chiefs in the two Places of parliament won’t be from the North. Congress pioneer in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is from West Bengal.

Jairam Ramesh, the recently delegated General Secretary responsible for the extremely significant Interchanges office, is from Karnataka.

Srinivas BV, Public Leader of the Indian Youth Congress, is additionally from the South.

For this section, I addressed senior Congress pioneer and previous Money Clergyman P Chidambaram, who comes from Tamil Nadu. He made two focuses: the Padayatra will burn through 50-55 days in southern states. The rest, adding up to around 100 days, will navigate northern states. I inquired as to whether the Congress party has pretty much left the north to zero in on Southern solace. Chidambaram clearly differ and said a couple of office-conveyors were from the South.

The contracted Congress has legislatures just in two states, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. It has experienced a complete crash in the North of India with its vote share boiling down to a pitiful two percent in the immeasurably significant territory of Uttar Pradesh which chooses 80 Lok Sabha MPs. In the UP political race in Spring, which was helmed by Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress fell. Rahul Gandhi lost the family stronghold of Amethi in the 2019 general political race and presently, the Congress has only one MP from UP, Sonia Gandhi (from Rae Bareilly). The last time the Congress had any foothold in UP was in the 2009 general political race, when it won 21 of the 80 seats. From that point onward, the Gandhi family has been rejected by electors there, with Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi independently having taken a stab both in collusion with provincial heavies and without.

Like any ideological group, the Congress is careful about a territorial or a position lopsidedness among office-conveyors so the at present South-weighty slant of the party is disturbing the couple of pioneers it has in the North (an extensive rundown has left the party for greener fields). “This couldn’t have ever occurred in Mrs Gandhi’s time or even Rajiv Gandhi’s residency,” said a senior Congress pioneer who asked not to be named. “They were very cautious in adjusting contending locales and ranks. On the off chance that Rahul and Priyanka don’t have the foggiest idea (this), their supervisors ought to cause them to comprehend the message you are sending the electors in the North that you have nobody addressing them in your association and you could do without their inclinations or the terrifically significant votes. Kharge ought to let a pioneer from the north be Head of the Resistance in the Lok Sabha”. The post could be given, as per party jabber, to Digvijaya Singh, previous Boss Priest of Madhya Pradesh, in a purposeful difficult exercise.

The hyper-predominance of the BJP in North India, especially in UP, appears to have incited the Congress into attempting to track down its heartbeat in the South. Be that as it may, this could misfire. UP has 80 seats, Maharashtra has 48, and Bihar holds 40 seats. The Congress has diminished itself to a lesser accomplice in Maharashtra and Bihar. As talked about above, UP has canceled it for the time being. In Tamil Nadu, the party has 8 of a sum of 39 seats, making it an exceptionally an extremely junior partner to Boss Pastor M K Stalin. P Chidambaram said that the party’s condition with M K Stalin is great and sincere and he would align with the Congress in 2024.

Be that as it may, might you at any point have a shot at the middle as a lesser accomplice? The Congress needs to resolve a response. The party continues to fault the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for hoovering up its vote share in states where it is in an immediate challenge with the BJP however it is the Congress’ own falling stock that has transformed it into a lesser accomplice to all partners and local gatherings. In states like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, which vote soon, battling the BJP is not in any event, attempting. AAP is just stepping in to the vacuum made by the missing Congress.