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Over 60 Percent of Cybercrime Complaints in 2020 Linked to Financial Frauds

Due to the action taken by police, 278 social media profiles containing objectionable content were blocked.

62% of the cybercrime complaints lodged in 2020 were related with money fraud, police said in a statement in New Delhi. The Delhi Police said a spurt was witnessed in incidents of cybercrime during the Covid lockdown.

24% of the complaints were identified with the social media, primarily online harassment, and the rest 14 percent were related to crimes such as hacking and data theft. “Among the complaints of various cybercrime received, the predominant ones are of online financial frauds, accounting for around 62% of the total,” the statement said.

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A few cases were enlisted in issues identified with technical support, migration, and IRS call centre scam and 125 people were arrested. These fake call centre were being used to cheat foreign nationals.

Fake call Centers principally target citizens of English-speaking countries. They mimic as real specialized help from presumed tech organizations, for example, Microsoft, Apple, HP, and AT&T.

Another usual way of doing things ordinarily utilized is to extort money after threatening legal action in respect of tax violations, social security number misuse or immigration rule violations, the statement said. The cybercrime unit of the Delhi Police has been taking a tough move against criminals and arrested more than 214 offenders, the statement said.

In last 10 days, a total of five illegal call centres have been busted, it added.

Due to the action taken by police, 278 profiles containing objectionable content were blocked. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts. The maximum number of accounts – 140 that were blocked – were of Twitter, it added.