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Pegasus Use for Committing ‘Horrible Human Rights Abuses’ Must Be Stopped, Says WhatsApp Chief

WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart demanded human right defenders, tech companies, and governments to hold the entities abusing the Pegasus spyware accountable.

NSO’s Pegasus is utilized to “commit horrible human rights abuses” globally and “it must be stopped”, WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart said on Twitter, reacting to the investigation completed by a worldwide media consortium that uncovered that the spyware is being used to keep an eye on activists and writers. India is discovered to be among in excess of 50 nations where the spyware is accepted to be utilized as a digital reconnaissance weapon. In 2019, WhatsApp had sued Israel’s NSO Group for misusing a weakness in its application to permit its Pegasus malware to access client gadgets.

Cathcart asked in a long thread on Twitter that human rights defenders, tech companies, and governments must work collaboratively to increase user security and hold the entities abusing the Pegasus spyware accountable.

“This is a wake-up call for security on the Internet,” he said. “The mobile is the primary computer for billions of people. Governments and companies must do everything they can to make it as secure as possible.”

Pegasus previously came into the limelight for snooping on activists, advocates, journalists, and senior government officials in 20 countries including India in May 2019. It exploited a known vulnerability, which WhatsApp fixed before it became public, to infiltrate the Android and iOS devices of the targets.

Months after spying cases were reported, WhatsApp filed a claim against NSO Group — the producers of Pegasus. The Facebook-possessed organization also worked with the Internet watchdog Citizen Lab to recognize in excess of 100 instances of oppressive focusing of activists and columnists in more than 20 nations.

Cathcart noticed that the most recent disclosure showed that the genuine size of misuse is considerably higher.

“We need more companies, and critically, governments, to take steps to hold NSO Group accountable,” he stated. “Once again, we urge a global moratorium on the use of unaccountable surveillance technology now.””