Rahul Gandhi, Asked About Life Partner, Says “Would Prefer Woman Who

Rahul Gandhi termed his grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi as "the love of my life and my second mother".

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi needs to settle down with somebody who has the characteristics of the two his mom Sonia Gandhi and grandma Indira Gandhi, the Congress chief has said. He shared this on being found out if he would settle down with a lady like Indira Gandhi during a meeting with a YouTube channel during his cross country Bharat Jodo Yatra.

He likewise named his grandma, a previous state leader, as “my first love and my subsequent mother”.

“I would lean toward a lady… I don’t mind…she has got characteristics. However, a blend between my mom’s and grandma’s characteristics is great,” said Mr Gandhi.

The previous Congress boss, who is on a padayatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, likewise discussed his affection for driving cruisers and cycles and alluded to a Chinese electric organization that fabricates bikes and trail blazing bicycles with electric engines.

“I have driven an electric bike, yet never an electric bicycle. Have you seen this Chinese organization… There are cycles and off-road bicycles with electric engines. Exceptionally intriguing idea. Be that as it may, they are great,” he said.

Mr Gandhi, who shared the meeting on his Twitter handle, said he doesn’t possess a vehicle and have a CR-V, which is his mom’s.

“I have truly not been keen on vehicles. I’m not keen on engine bicycles, but rather I’m keen on driving engine bicycles. I can fix a vehicle. Be that as it may, I’m not fixated on vehicles. I like moving quick, moving in the air, moving in water and on moving in the land,” he said.

He additionally noticed that he found more excellence in an old Lambretta as opposed to a R1, and guaranteed that he favored cycling to engine cycling as it has the idea of utilizing one’s own power.

On his naysayers calling him names, the Gandhi scion said, “I couldn’t care less. Anything you desire to say, it doesn’t make any difference. I don’t can’t stand anybody. You misuse me or even hit me, I wouldn’t can’t stand you.”

On being classified “Pappu”, he named it a misleading publicity crusade and said those calling him so are doing it because of dread inside them.

“Nothing is occurring in his life, he is miserable as his relations in life are not fine. For that reason he is manhandling another person, it is alright. I invite it. Misuse more. I like it. You can give me more names, I couldn’t care less. I’m loose.”

About the electric vehicle (EV) unrest in India, he said, “I don’t think we are doing how should be helped it to work out. Since, an EV insurgency requires an establishment and we are no place there.” He noticed that the underpinning of creating batteries, engines and infrastucture isn’t there.

“It isn’t decisively finished, it is all specially appointed. They don’t actually comprehend the way things should be finished.”

Mr Gandhi additionally noticed that the other transformation that India has missed, about which he is extremely energetic about, is the robot insurgency.