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Rashtrapati Bhavan Staff Tests Positive of Coronavirus

Rashtrapati Bhave complex and their residents are advised to hold themselves strictly separated following a relative screened for coronavirus-positive (Covid-19) on Tuesday's morning according to one of the official

In Rashtrapati Bhavan in the national capital, one Covid-19 positive case has been identified. And 125 families were then recommended to stay separated in compliance with the recommendations of the Union Health Ministry as a precautionary step. According to the Ministry for Health and Family Welfare the overall number of cases of coronavirus in India is 17,656, of which 14,255 are cases active and 2,842 have recovered. There have been no less than 559 fatalities to date.

Delhi is second-highest in the state after Maharashtra which has recorded more than 2500 Covid-19 cases as of Tuesday morning. At least 125 staff quarters have been closed in the Rashtrapati Bhave complex and their residents are advised to hold themselves strictly separated following a relative screened for coronavirus-positive (Covid-19) on Tuesday’s morning according to one of the official.

After contacting her mother, the daughter-in-law of a sanitary worker of Rashtrapati Bhavan tested positively. The older woman died seven to eight days ago, a Rashtrapati Bhavan official said, because of linked complicated patients in a private hospital near Karol Bagh.

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At the President’s Estate there are troubling moments when a family member of the employee in the housekeeping department has been diagnosed with COVID-19, which allows officials to hold 115 families ‘self-isolated’ as a ‘preventive step.’

The Rashtrapati Bhawan, spread out over 330 acres from the iconic Raisina hill to the South Road, has almost 1000 families engaged in numerous tasks including maintaining a magnificent 340-room palace, a central garden, Ashok Hall and Durbar Building.

The identification of the COVID-19 case from the offices of the President’s Estate has led Rashtrapati Bhawan to release a statement saying “no employee of the President’s secretariat has tested positive for COVID-19 and the secretariat along with the local administration is taking all the preventive measures required under the government guidelines.”

A statement stated that, on 13 April 2020, a positive COVID-19 patient from Central Delhi, who was not employee of the secretariat of the President’s or resident of the President’s Properties, died with co-morbidities in B L Kapoor Hospital, New Delhi.

The statement said that after monitoring the deceased’s activity it has been identified that the family member of the President’s Secretariat’s employee had been in communication with the deceased who had led authorities to move the deceased to the quarantine facility at Mandir Marg on April 16, along with the family.

“Subsequently, one of the family members who was in contact with the deceased tested positive. All other family members including the employee of the President’s Secretariat have tested negative,” it said.

In accordance with the disaster management law guidelines and orders, 115 homes have been listed for restriction of movement in Pocket 1, Schedule A of the President’s Estate and residents were advised to remain indoors, the Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

“The residents of these houses are being provided doorstep delivery of essential commodities,” it added.

The property extends 2,5 kilometers to workers assigned to the President’s Office including the president’s home and library, museum and popular gardens-the Mughal Gardens, Medicinal Garden, Musical Garden and Spiritual Garden.

This is a futuristic community in a region that also includes a post office, parks, classrooms, medical and cultural centres, and an auditorium with exclusive film screenings for the President.